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Why try the PRIME FAST Diet™ for weight loss? (BACK)

A PRIME Diet™ plan is NOT a general weight loss plan, it is a method to eliminate large deposits of abnormal fat - fat not available for consumption by the body- deposited over time through the condition of obesity, whether a person is lightly or grossly obese.

It is part of a PROCESS of life style change, whereby YOU, the weight loss customer, lose large stores of body fat in the beginning, and as your new body emerges, you learn new diet and exercise habits, and a healthy life style that will help KEEP the weight off.

The diet itself is very simple and a quick solution to lose body fat weight and keep it off.

Why CHOOSE Weight Loss Drops in a SPRAY delivery System? REASONS:

Sublingual natural oral sprays are delicate, and should remain in a CLOSED bottle that ensures potency and purity throughout their use.

Oral diet drops tend to be difficult to control and spill easily.

Most Oral Diet Drops on the market require the user to take as many as 6 drops, 6 TIMES a day. Taking weight loss drops that often is time consuming, inconvenient, and man not effectively stimulate the weight loss just because they are taken more often. Natural Oral PRIME Appetite and Weight by BodySolutionsRx is administered right before bed, and right upon waking. Effective stimulation of the glands that control hormones and other secretions happens mostly at night while the body is at rest, and therefore the natural PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction™ is kept sterile in a closed system as a spray, AND delivered during the peak times where its Supplement Ingredients are most effective.

We ask YOU, the weight loss CUSTOMER, to make a sound decision on WHERE to buy any oral products for fast weight loss. Ask yourself the vital question on "WHY" you want to use an oral fat loss product for weight loss and what your weight loss goals are. Do your reading carefully, and ALWAYS thoroughly read and understand what a diet is, how it works, and why using a product to help would be good for you.

The PRIME Diet™ Protocol is based on sound research and science based on the original Dr. Simeons research - with modifications made over time due to new knowledge obtained - and should be followed exactly for safe and effective weight loss to occur, and for the body to keep abnormal fat from accumulating again.

When deciding on WHO to buy any natural oral drops or natural oral sprays from, always check on other factors: Are they a member of accrediting bodies that hold them accountable such as their local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) - A Rating, credit reporting agencies such as Dunn and Bradstreet, and the like? BodySolutionsRx Inc is a member of each of these organizations, and holds an "A+" rating with the BBB.



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