PRIME FAST DIET PLAN™ - Daily FAST Weight Loss Plan of Action! The Step by Step Program Guide

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The PRIME FAST Diet Plan™ - The Step by Step Weight Loss Program Guide (BACK)

Updated: November 13, 2014


Thank you for your interest in our weight loss products and programs based on the PRIME FAST Diet Method™ for weight reduction. You are now on a journey to eliminate large stores of abnormal body fat and move into a new focus on who you are, and how you relate to your body and your daily environment.

This is one of the "first" steps in a PROCESS that will help transform your life and being. Body Solutions Rx is here to work with you every step of the way to ensure you are as successful as possible!

The PRIME FAST Diet™ for FAST weight loss offered by Body Solutions Rx consists of using our sublingual spray called "PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™" based on original FAST Diet, ( we still offer injectable FAST in Colorado only ), our simple, updated and more responsible diet plan, and plenty of help from our educated company. Read below for the diet STEPS involved and the diet FOODS suggested. Keep in mind substitutions can be made for those customers who are vegetarian or vegan - simply consult with us about the best steps to take. And unlike heavily promoted OTHER DROPS on the market where customers must take may drops throughout the day, "PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™" formula for the FAST diet is only taken right before bed and upon waking.


1.) Check in weekly
2.) If you have lower fat stores - 5-30 pounds, weight may come off slower. You will need to eat more when this happens, so PLEASE CHECK IN so we can help you adjust your caloric load to keep you healthy and consuming body fat.
3.) If you are eating 500 or 800 calories a day, and have substantial fat to lose, you may lose the average of a pound or more a day. If you feel well doing this and have done this diet before, it is your choice to continue. If you feel you are losing less then a pound a day, and have any sudden issues with fatigue or hunger, PLEASE CHECK IN so we can ensure you are eating right for your individual situation.

1.) Eat to Capacity the First
Three Days of the Protocol

Please note that you must "eat to capacity" for the first 3 days before
starting the diet. Individuals who have been dieting, reducing in any way,
or overly exercising prior to starting the protocol are particularly advised
to "eat to capacity" foods rich in fats and oils for the first 3 days of the
protocol. This DOES NOT include consuming anything you
want - stay sway from sweets and junk food, but DO eat plenty of rich,
fatty foods you would normally eat. On day 4, start the 500 or 800+ Calories (800+ suggested in general). If you have any doubts, then do the loading days regardless.

2.) Administering the Spray

PRIME Appetite and Weight Original is the same great formula that
Body Solutions Rx has had since its creation in early 2008. Developed
from our exclusive proprietary safe blend of Supplement Ingredients, our formula has proven again and again to help achieve the results you desire.

Based on the homeopathic method, PRIME Appetite and Weight Original for the FAST diet is administered only twice a day - right before bed and right
upon waking. Why? The body's hormones and brain chemicals are
produced primarily during sleep. By administering the spray on either
side of sleep, the body is able to best utilize the product for the balancing
of these chemicals, and therefore best achieve the consumption of the
abnormal body fat desired.

For those of you who live or want to travel to Colorado, you have the option of using injectable FAST for the program through our medical program. Medical parameters for injectable FAST for the FAST diet will be discussed between you and the doctor if you choose to pursue this avenue.

3.) Dosage:

Each time you spray, first tap the bottle and then do 3 sprays under
the tongue. Do this right before bed about 10-15 minutes after you have
consumed anything or brushed your teeth. Do the same upon waking,
about 10-15 minutes before brushing teeth and/or eating.


... more is not better when using this spray. Because of the energetic
nature of this method, the body will only take what it needs, and it only
needs the dose used. Using more will not increase or enhance your
results. Each 1 oz.. bottle of spray will last approximately 3-4 weeks. Once you are finished with your spray, the following 3 days must be followed with the same 800+ calories, after which a period of time will follow where similar foods are eaten in normal quantities before resuming regular eating patterns.

To date, no known adverse side effects have been reported or observed
from the use of PRIME Appetite and Weight formula. Reports of headaches have been observed however due to the body detoxifying itself from sugars and toxins consumed prior to the diet. Remember, this is a very cleansing program, so some discomfort may be felt from the elimination of toxins from the body. Call or stop in with any questions!

4.) The 800+ Calorie "Diet"

We challenge you to NOT think of this as a diet. Diets stir up thoughts
and feelings of starvation, hunger, and what you CAN'T have. This is not
the case. What you will experience is a change in the way your body
stores and consumes abnormal body fat - the "weight" that is locked
away and not available to the body as food when needed. When your
body consumes an average of 1 pound of this body fat a day, you are
getting 2500-3800 Calories from that fat. Add the 800 Calories of ingested
food each day, and you are getting anywhere from 2500-4800 Calories
a day. You are not being deprived in any way during this process.

5.) Sample Schedule of Food Intake:

Morning - Coffee or Tea
10:00am - 1 Fruit and your choice of 1 Bread stick, Melba Toast, Sweet Potato or Quinoa Serving
12-1:00pm - 1 Meat and 2 cups of Vegetables your choice
3:00pm - 1 Fruit and your choice of 1 Bread stick, Melba Toast, Sweet Potato or Quinoa Serving
5-6:00pm - 1 Meat and 2 cups of Vegetables your choice


6.) What You eat:

Foods Allowed:

Chicken Breast
White Fish

Other Sides:
Balsamic Vinegar

Beet Greens
Green Salad
Red Radishes

Fruit & Bread Items:
Grissino Bread Stick
Melba Toast
** New Substitutions: Sweet Potato

Granny Smith Apple
Other Apple (sparing)




Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Only a tablespoon
full of milk in 24 hours. Stevia and Xyletal may be used.

Late Morning Snack and Afternoon Snack:

One (1) Bread stick (grissino), one Melba Toast, small portion of rice crackers for those who have gluten issues, or 1/2-3/4 cup sweet potato or Quinoa. Plus, one of the following - Granny Smith Apple, a cup of strawberries, or one half a grapefruit and one whole orange. It is suggested you eat plenty of apples. You need to eat BOTH the complex carbohydrate AND the fruit, do not eat less.

Lunch & Dinner each consisting of:

* 4-7 oz.. of veal, beef, chicken breast,fresh white fish, lobster, crab,
shrimp. All visible fat must be carefully removed before cooking, and the
meat must be weighed raw. It must be boiled or grilled without added fat.
Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed. Chicken
breast must be removed from the bird before cooking.

* A mix of available vegetables or a salad consisting of the following: 1-2 cups
of spinach, chard, chicory, beet greens, green salad, tomatoes, celery,
fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli.
Use salsa as a dressing, balsamic and lemon or part of vegetable or fruit.

Refer to the daily meal schedule for an accurate and easy way to track
your daily food intake! A sample schedule has been included with this
program, and additional schedules can be downloaded from our website

7.) Considerations while on the program:

* The juice of one lemon is allowed daily for all purposes.
* No oil, butter or dressing may be used. You may use sea salt, pepper,
balsamic vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme,
marjoram or other spices.
* Drink about 1 gallon of water a day, including tea, coffee, plain water,
or mineral water. NOTE: the body is inclined to store more water when
your daily intake is low... you need water to flush toxins from the
system during this program.

* Meals can be broken up if you have a greater need in the morning for
example. If you choose to eat a protein in the morning, then you must
take that from a later meal, and so on. If you feel weak or tired in any way, contact the center for guidance - we can increase caloric load based on your individual needs.

No variations other than those listed or authorized after a consult may be used.

Do Not attempt to pursue this program without the use of the PRIME product. The result will be hunger, lethargy, and you will consume normal fat and muscle tissue rather than the abnormal fat being targeted.

Indeed count calories and weigh your self, while at the same time observe the changes in YOUR UNIQUE BODY as you do so. What you see in the mirror can be better then what you read on a scale!


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