FAST Diet Non-Diet Approach! - The PRIME FAST Diet™ Helps To Correct Abnormal Fat Storage

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The PRIME FAST Diet™ is a Non-Diet Approach(BACK)

Through the PRIME FAST Weight Loss™ process, the body consumes anywhere from 1/2 to 2 pounds of abnormal body fat a day during this non-diet approach. This is fat not easily eliminated through diet and exercise alone - depending on how much abnormal body fat is available. The small portion of specific foods allowed each day supplement the calories consumed in fat and allow the body the nutrients it needs to function and change for a non-diet approach. In essence, you use what you have - AND save on groceries - in preparation for a whole new relationship with food and your new body. These are your body solutions! A CORRECTION is taking place in the body and the FAST diet program, being a non-diet approach program, should not need to be repeated regularly like "fad diets" do.

Not all FAST drops and FAST sprays on the market are the same, and these are just tools anyway...and since 2007 the formulation at Body Solutions Rx has been produced in a highly rated laboratory under close supervision. This means you know what you are getting, and that it is of the highest quality. Additionally, Body Solutions Rx's "PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™" formula has shown to help customers achieve the same fast fat loss and inch loss as customers who have also used injectable FAST programs - all without needles and exposure to toxins!

Above all, this non-diet approach helps people eat well, correct metabolism, and keep future body fat from accumulating again.


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