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PRIME fast weight loss PROTOCOL™ - Summary and Theory Of The PRIME Diets™

PRIME fast weight loss™ Theory | SEGMENT #1 | Why PRIME?

The PRIME fast weight loss Protocol™ summarized by BodySolutionsRx - SEGMENT #1

June 30, 2011

The PRIME Diet™ describes a method of treating obesity that emerged from theoretical concepts stemming from clinical observations made over 40 years intensive research into the causes of obesity, and more recently since 2006 from our own practive of the protocl along with current modifications.

The original belief is that the mechanism of accumulating abnormal body fat is a real and definable metabolic disorder. Over time, increasing facts substantiated the theory originally based on guesswork, and showed what a doctor researching obesity called a "practical advance."

THIS IS WHAT SCIENCE AND INNOVATION ARE ALL ABOUT! Theoretical concepts, resulting in the application of varying techniques, leading to definable observations.
It is of the utmost importance that the customer participate in the treatment and that they understand WHAT will happen and WHY.

As stated by the late Dr. Simones who pioneered the original "FAST diet" for massive fat loss, "as a basis of our discussion we postulate that obesity is all its many forms is due to an abnormal functioning of some part of the body and that every ounce of abnormally accumulated fat is always the result of the same disorder of certain regulatory mechanisms."
People with severe, moderate or mild obesity who lose weight due to dieting, thyroid medicines, drugs or extreme exercise will quickly gain it back once it is stopped.


A correction of the disorder of obesity needs to be generalized across sex, age and the "kind" of obesity, and afterward be substantiated by a person's ability to keep abnormal fat off when normal eating resumes.

Keep in mind that obesity was not known in primitive times before current history and the modernization of farming, distribution systems and chemical changes in how food is produced. Today, animals in the wild and primitive races still don't observe obesity. Their food tends to be raw and unrefined, and eaten in small quantities throughout the day.

So what about the rest of us?

The advent of fast foods, prepackaged foods, additives, preservatives, GMO's, together with a large-plate culture and planned meals has changed all that.

The 3 different kinds of fat

Structural – pads the organs, fills in gaps, protects blood pathways, and helps keep skin tight and keep padded. This fat is structurally necessary, and is not the same found in other part of the body.

Normal Fat – fat found just under the skin and various areas of the body. This fat is available for the body to use as needed and is freely available at all times. Normal fat ensures that there is adequate nutrients available for a growing fetus, for times when not enough nutrients are in the intestinal tract, and help maintain muscle and body temperature.

Abnormal Fat – this fat is locked in fixed deposits that the body does not access. Abnormal fat is the last fat to remain when structural and normal fat are depleted, as well as a good amount of muscle tissue.

The crux of the issue is that when obese individuals do any array of diets, they tend to lose the normal fat, structural fat and muscle before their bodies tap abnormal fat stores, and at this point they are weak and hungry, give up and try again another time.

Note: Obese people can still be obese yet undernourished. It is the lack of understanding WHAT the real issue is and WHY they can't seem to drop weight no matter how hard they try. And this is where you tackle the "WHY" of participating in a program using PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™ and a specific diet to "release" the abnormal fat for the body to consume.

The theory behind the use of FAST, and now at Body Solutions Rx, PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™ for fast weight loss, was derived from extensive research many decades ago by whom we all know as a Dr. Simeons in Rome, Italy. He found that his theory derived from the "function" of a part of the brain called the diencephalon, a very old and complex part of the human brain that controls automatic functions in the body on all levels. His theory, in short, was derived from the function of the diencephalon controlling the storage of fat in fixed, abnormal deposits that were not free for the body to consume.

So, is the storage of abnormal fat and the advent of obesity an individual's "fault", or simply mechanisms created by our current culture that alter how this very intricate and delicate part of the brain determines HOW fat is stored? We here at BodySolutionsRx and Life Prime™ tend to agree that the late Dr. Simeons was onto something, and based on our own observations of thousands of customers, who have undergone the use of PRIME Appetite and Weight Original™, along with specific food choices for a specific amount of time, we see that it works, though we know continued research into HOW it works is our duty.

How was the use of injectable FAST for fat loss made a consideration by Dr. Simeons?

Back in that time, FAST hormone was used for what were called "fat boys", who had small genitals and undecended testicles, as well as soft rounded features such as women have. Doctors were using this hormone extracted from pregnant women to improve sexual functioning in these boys. What was ALSO observed, and what attracted Dr. Simeons, was that these boys also showed a loss of "ravenous appetite", as well as a redistribution of fat and change in body shape back to that of a normal male. He then hypothesized that while the fat was being redistributed it could be available to the body as food. This was his first observation.


… if the fat were available as food, it would naturally mean someone on a restricted diet would be well nourished, and at the same time energetic and not hungry.
With that information he also hypothesized that since this hormonw is produced during pregnancy, it was also responsible for allowing any and all fat deposits to be available for a growing fetus, because surly if this were not the case, any change in food consumption by the mother could end a pregnancy. Therefore, it was then decided that the the hormone produced in the placenta brought about this change in the diencephalon – the change in the diencephalon's control on abnormal fat storage.

Dr. Simeons is quoted as saying the following:

" pregnancy the needs of the growing embryo take care of this to some extent (use of fat), but in the treatment of obesity there is no embryo, and so a very severe dietary restriction must take its place for the duration of treatment."

THIS IS WHERE HE CAME UP WITH 500 Calories OF SPECIFIC FOODS FOUND ON THE DIET - Now 800 Calories increased over time for US medical standards and praciced by Body Solutions Rx.

He is further quoted as stating that "..only when the fat is in transit under the effect of [PRIME] is actually consumed can MORE fat be withdrawn from the [abnormal] deposits."


And last but not least, he also states that " seems that this hormone brings about this continual saturation of the blood, which is the reason why obese customers under treatment with the hormone FAST (and now PRIME) never feel hungry in spite of their drastically reduced food intake."

For more in depth reading on the Simeons' research, please refer to the actual TEXT contained on the PROGRAM MATERIALS page of!