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PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction FAST Cook Book - Cook Book Introduction


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Welcome to the Life Prime International, DBA Body Solutions Rx PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction cook book based on the original, and now updated options, for the original FAST diet that took the US by storm in 2006! Products and Programs that go with this book can also be purchased at: or wholesale at Body Solutions Rx still has one of the remaining, effective oral FAST style products on the market!

Note, the 4 core meals on the PRIME and FAST Diets originally called for 500 calories a day. By preparing dishes from this cook book and adhering to our instructions, initial calories will average around 800 a day per the new protocol. Doubling lunch and dinner meals will take you to an average of 1200 calories a day, and should be considered for those losing less than a pound a day. Read PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction PHASES 2 for the new protocol suggestions and how to utilize this cook book while on the program.
Many recipes attempt to take advantage of different, and for some people, strange foods, that are available on the original plan. Attempting to make foods more palatable and consumer friendly is the focus of this book. More options are always better, and you may find that something you have never eaten before NOW becomes a new favorite. Most recipes are takes on already known favorites, and individual variations in use of herbs and spices and make any of the dishes truly unique.

All recipes are designed with convenience in mind. All foods on this list, along with the various herbs and spices, are easily found in your local market. And most if not all recipes have a very short cooking time.

Standard dishes are easily cooked in BULK. We strongly suggest cooking enough for a few days, and preparing many items in advance for easy eating during your hectic and demanding work week!

Each recipe includes a nutrition list with an APPROXIMATION in grams of FAT, CARBOHYDRATE and PROTEIN, as well as calories. Choose your daily meals, and when using Kindle or other programs to view the cook book, BOOKMARK specific meals you prefer to eat regularly.

For your added knowledge, the Appendices at the end of this book contain Tips and Tricks for cooking, suggestions, and definitions of various items, many of which you may have never worked with.

Remember, cooking can and should be FUN! Make cooking a regular part of your routine, and save trips to restaurants and meals you don't prepare yourself for those special days when you need a break – AFTER the diet of course!

Read further for a re-cap of WHAT is on the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction diet (aka FAST diet), and note a few updates made to the food plan based on the many thousands of successful clients at Body Solutions Rx. And remember, YOU can do anything. Your body is the most important thing you possess, so treat it well for a lifetime of health and vitality that will bring you joy and happiness.
Yours In Health,

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, CEO, Life Prime International, DBA Body Solutions Rx.


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List of Suggested foods found on the original FAST Diet
About the Author - Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN