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PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction FAST Cook Book - About The Author


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PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction TM

About the Author
Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN

In regard to this book, it is best to note that I am the owner and director of a company called Body Solutions Rx, and have provided both medical and non-medical fast weight loss programs, together with a team of doctors and support staff, since 2004.

I have an extensive education that allows me to formulate homeopathic products for our non-medical programs, facilitate sales and marketing, master the internet with my own self-made web sites, and handle virtually all aspects of creating and running what has been a very successful company.

That said, with this FAST cook book, I am an author. I am also an aspiring fiction author with a 7 novel series in production and first publishing to be accomplished by the New Year 2016. Fiction has always been my passion- The ability to explore new concepts and develop new worlds on paper has always fascinated me.

My education has afforded me the opportunity to become a multi-faith ordained minister, as well as journey through many careers spanning hotel management, to business banking, to law, to being the CEO of Body Solutions Rx here in Colorado Springs, CO when it was at its peak and before the market melt-down that we all experience in 2008.

With every opportunity there comes both success and failure. And failure is always part of succeeding – that is where all the important lessons are learned. Even in regard to this book and the fast weight loss system it is linked to, part off succeeding at creating the physical body one wants included trial and error, and learning from one's mistakes along the way. Or, not learning and simply giving in to mediocrity. I have faith those of you reading this book, and others I will produce, will fare well and have the drive and ambition to accomplish anything you want. We all have tools at our disposal – using those tools helps us down the path to our greater goals and create a life we truly thrive in and are proud to have lived.

My journey is never ending, and changes day to day. And it is wonderful to experience.
I invite anyone and everyone to contact me with questions, criticisms, or just thoughts through my web sites,, and the blogs likes each. I provide my iPhone for anyone to text me, off the cuff, with the same questions.
Thank you for reading this initial FAST cook book – the first of several specific to this fast weight loss protocol. I hope the tools you find help you in your journey toward the body you desire.
Yours in Health, Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN



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List of Suggested foods found on the original FAST Diet
About the Author - Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN