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fast weight loss STATISTICS - Weight and Obesity Statistics Nationwide in the US

Over Weight | Obesity Statistics (BACK)

Increasing numbers of people in America are dealing with obesity and abnormal fat and weight issues. With 58 million Americans being overweight, 40 million suffer from obesity and 3 million fall under morbid obesity. Numerous sources site that 8 out of 10 Americans age 25 and above are thought to be overweight.As well, other weight related diseases weight are increasing in number, such as cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, Type II diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The majority of overweight individuals are just looking to lose a few pounds. For many Americans, fast weight loss is a constant concern and goal. Looking good physically, people who work hard to lose weight also desire healthier bodies. People everywhere are finding out that quick fast weight loss can be obtained with a little help from supplements and fast weight loss programs. With so many diets being created each year, only a handful address the core issues of weight gain, and are long lasting and effective.

In the United States, the PRIME and OPTIMUM Diets™ for fast weight loss are a couple of the most sought diet programs. Since its creation around 1950, many Americans have lost weight while following the PRIME or OPTIMUM Diets™. Since 2006, the diet's popularity has grown even more because of spray formulas. The PRIME and OPTIMUM Drops™ in a spray delivery, together with proper procedures and overweight can help anyone lose weight safely and effectively.

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