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OPTIMUM Body™ - Balance Glands | Optimize Hormones | Lean Muscle | Reduce Fat

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Designed as a multi-faceted, safe and effective product for young adults, adults and elderly. OPTIMUM Body™ is a comprehensive part of a healthy, corrective lifestyle.

Stop Medicating. Start Healing. The Healing Revolution is here!

Release and Lose Body Fat

Improve Lean Body Mass

Balance Glandular Functions

Balance Hormones

Reduce Hunger | Appetite | Cravings

Increase Natural Energy and Vigor



Remember - through homeopathic theory, the body ONLY takes what it needs, eliminating the issues of negative side effects. Feel the difference! BUY NOW @ The Store



Supplement Ingredients:

HPUS Supplement Ingredients:

Anacardium Orientale
Arsenicum Album
Baryta Muriatica
Calcarea Carbonica
Calcarea Phosphorica
Hekla Lava
Helleborus Niger
Lycopodium Clavatum
Ignatia Amara
ALL Supplement Ingredients ABOVE this line are HPUS Supplement Ingredients for hunger, appetite, cravings, digestion, emotional symptoms

Fucus Vesiculosus
Glandula suprarenalis suis
Hepar Suis
Thymus Serpyllum
All Supplement Ingredients ABOVE this line are glandulars and hormonal balancing Supplement Ingredients for weight, lean muscle, balance


Supplement Ingredients ABOVE this line are pituitary glandulars for balance of the master gland in the body - very powerful



Supplement Ingredients listed are HPUS (found in the The Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States, as Supplement Ingredients approved by the FDA as "homeopathic"), and Non-HPUS Supplement Ingredients are not considered homeopathic, but are allowed in OTC products for other uses.


Alternative to PRIME or OPTIMUM ; Improves glands, hormones, lean tissue and whole body metabolic balance - Not just for fast weight loss!

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(1) 1 OZ. Bottles OPTIMUM Body™

(ULTIMATE Body Substitute till Octobe 1, 2014 - Same Formula)


(2) 1 OZ. Bottles OPTIMUM Body™

(ULTIMATE Body Substitute till Octobe 1, 2014 - Same Formula)


(3) 1 OZ. Bottles OPTIMUM Body™

(ULTIMATE Body Substitute till Octobe 1, 2014 - Same Formula)

(1) 1 OZ. Bottle $ 49.95



(2) 1 OZ. Bottles $ 90.00



(3) Bottles$ 127.37




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Note: The OPTIMUM Body™ label is out of stock for 3 weeks, and we are substituting the same formula under another label (ULTIMATE Body™) we use in the mean time - This way, you don't have to wait. Same great product!


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