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PRIME OptiMALE™ - Sexual Enhancement | Improve Protate Health | Sexual Vitality


How SAFE is OptiMALE™?
OptiMALE™roprx is made from all natural Supplement Ingredients and actually is VERY Cleansingl for prostate health. In fact, OptiMALE™ ropex can be a part of a regular prostate health regimen!

What do most men report experiencing by using OptiMALE™?
Men have reported exactly what we state the product does - They have related that they have had much greater fluid volume, called the ropex "ROPES" effect. They have also reported having the urge to have sex more often, and when they do, the have reported more satisfying orgasms, and in some cases, the ability to perform again much sooner.

What is the does per day?
Generally there is a 3 day loading period on the first bottle, where you take 6 caps a day for the first 3 days, then go onto the maintenance dose of 3 caps a day.

What is my wife or girlfriend took the supplement? What would happen to them?
This is interesting. Some women have bought OptiMALE™ ropex for their husbands or boyfriends, and then chose to try some themselves. While men have the given results, women who tried the product have reported having much greater sensitivity during sex, and therefore a much more satisfying sexual experience.

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New Low PriceWhat can PRIME OptiMALE™ ropex do for me?

Nature's Answer to Stronger More
Pleasurable Orgasms!

The PRIME OptiMale™ ropex formula was developed in Sweden in the mid 1960's. It consists of a unique blend of pharmaceutical-grade botanical seed extract designed to increase men's sexual vitality and natural male enhancement and penis enhancement. Over the past several decades, it has been used by millions of men in Europe, Japan and throughout Asia for the improvement of sexual performance, male enhancement and sexual recovery.

Key Benefits Provided By PRIME OptiMALE™ ropex

More intense ejaculatory contractions due to the strengthening of the vas deferens muscle (the muscle responsible for the expulsion of semen)

Increased volume of released ejaculate creating the "ropes" effect

Faster recovery for second orgasms

Improved semen quality

More satisfying orgasms due to increased contractions and ejaculate

Improved prostate health

Improves Erectile Dysfunction caused by diabetes

General well being and vitality

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