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Body Solutions Rx™ EVENTS


Body Solutions Rx - Walk In Center

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May 1, 2011:

Body Solutions Rx™ sponsored GET FIT FOR CANCER at its location in Colorado Springs, CO on May 1, 2011 (Sunday).


November 17, 2010:

BodySolutionsRx™ had its GRAND OPENING in Colorado Springs, CO.

The Grand Opening of BodySolutionsRx' 7000 sq./ft. location in Colorado Springs will include the official ribbon cutting at 2:30pm. SPECIAL "on Site" promotions will be available, food and drinks, as well as free demos at our new Fitness Center, "Hygeia Holistic Fitness".

Body Solutions Rx™ - GRAND OPENING on November 17, 2010


October 22-23, 2010:

Body Solutions Rx™ exhibited at the Colorado Springs Women's Expo at the Phil Long Center.

Featured in the following photo are Betty Baskett (Sales), and Terrie Wieland (General Manager) of Body Solutions Rx, visited on the day of the event by Body Solutions Rx CEO, Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN.



Today's Update:


Monday, September 12, 2016

Body Solutions Rx and Daniel Riedel - owner - have ventured into new and exciting territory!

I've never been involved in network marketing, but a variety of products I now endorse due to personal resolts, those of family and friends, and the oppotunities as a consumer and promoter, are amazing and effective and perfect for anyone on the FAST Diet or in need fo a more thorough nutritional and personal health and wellness plan.



Thursday, November June 12, 2016

Body Solutions Rx will dissolve as a business entity and become a "TM" under the business name LIFE PRIME. We are making changes to our business structure but products will remain the same.

As well, our online store has always functioned with the choice of either standard credit card processing at checkout OR PayPal checkout. For added security for our clients, as well as out interest in reducing costs and the ever increase in merchant fees, we are implementing a Pay Pal-ONLY check out process for our online store as of June 15, 2016. While there may be a couple more mouse clicks to make at checkout, we do believe the change will both benefit our clients as well as our business needs.



Thursday, November December 3, 2016

Body Solutions Rx, together with CEO Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, will be updating information and publishing new relevant articles each month on select topics on nutrition and weight loss, as per the nature of our web site and specific services.


Feel free to read our latest article to our old client base and new clients, regarding the FAST diet, any changes to it instituted at Body Solutions Rx, and ways to participate with us. We would love to hear from you - all news and ideas, good and bad, are necessary for us to grow together and create better products and programs for our clients.

Click HERE to read our latest article. And have a wonderful day!




New Low PriceTuesday, November 24, 2016

Body Solutions Rx is offering a 25% off COUPON for the Thanksgiving Holiday and Black Friday week. The coupon runs from 11/24/2015 through December 1, 2015


Our next SALE will be for the Christmas Holiday, so look for that special in our NEWSLETTER and ONLINE here a few days before Christmas.


Exciting news! Today, Sunday October 25th

Body Solutions Rx is happy to announce some new and exciting services coming to out company by the new year 2016.


1.) A new and exciting AT-HOMR exercise system that will compliment the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction program. This new product and program will help tie in the often neglected weight loss and body improving component of daily exercise. Most clients, in fact the vast majority of them, have never exercised and do not know HOW to properly get daily exercise, and a kind of exercise that will fit into their daily lives. Body Solutions Rx will be offering a new AT-HOME system when the holidays hit, and we are very excited about it.


2.) POST-WEIGHT loss program coaching and individualized nutrition programs are best left to the nutrition leaders in our industry. We are please to announce we are preparing to offer professional, personalized POST-WEIGHT loss program nutrition to out clients with a new partnership with a team of leading nutrition experts. For those who are ready to go beyond dieting, we are preparing to meet the demand! Look for more information o these new services coming at the start of 2016!


Look for more services in addition to those above this coming holiday season!

Also look for special holiday savings coupons and offers this holiday season, both November and December.


Yours In Health,
Daniel @ Body Solutions Rx LLC



October 16, 2015 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime LLC have decided to grow once again! (LIKE or SHARE on Facebook at the top!)

After scaling down since 2011, a new venture is allowing us to tackle the weight loss market again in a BIG WAY. New programs with greater options will be offered, as well as a new, enhanced customer service experience to meet the needs of our loyal LONG TERM clients, as well as those who are new.

Look for updates through the November holidays!

And as always, we strive to offer our CORE products and programs at lower prices and for the long term - you should never have an issue getting the products you are used to for as long as you need. That is our commitment to you!

We are in the process of a new RE-WRITE and UPDATE on the traditional FAST DIET that has been offered for so long. Because of new advancements and information, the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction program and product line will be the name synonymous with aggressive, effective weight loss, and the term "FAST Diet" will go the way of other diets that had their day and were forced out of the market by rules and regulations set by medical governing bodies.

Our goal is more RESPONSIBLE and EFFECTIVE weight loss program for busy consumers who need to lose weight through correcting their chemistry, who want an affordable yet SAFE program, and who may not be candidates or interested in other therapies or dramatic life changes outside of their comfort zone. We have that here at Body Solutions Rx.

Check back often as we move forward with:

1.) The opening of a new center in New Orleans, LA

2.) A more complete, DO IT YOURSELF weight loss program that demands little time spent with a counselor and MORE time spent just getting the weight off and feeling better.

3.) CORE support products and programs that meet the needs of those who wish to go further with enhancing their bodies and lives.

4.) Weight loss VIDEO and AUDIO recordings that give you the information you need FAST!

5.) And much more!

Check back for COUPONS and Specials as the holidays near. There has never been a better time to lose weight and feel better!

Yours In Health,

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, Body Solutions Rx (LIKE or SHARE on Facebook at the top of this article!)


Today's Up Date: July 20, 2015


July 20, 2015 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime LLC continue to offer the FAST weight loss protocol nationwide with lower prices / New offices in Colorado Springs are not open, but we ship nationwide from Colorado and Florida.

PayPal is now officially an option for checkout at Body Solutions Rx. We accept any car through our standard processing as usual, and for those of you who like Pay Pal, you are all set !


November 20, 2014 UPDATE


Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime LLC will discontinue supplements and homeopathic products beginning the holiday season 2014.

Due to market changes over the past few years, and the attacks on products such as homeopathic spray and drop products for the controversial FAST DIET, we have decided to discontinue out production and sale of ALL products normally offered at our center and online.

Products that remain will be available until quantities run out, with only a few programs available, and a small number of supplements. OPTIMUM Energy has the highest number of bottles still available.

In 2014, Body Solutions Rx by Life Prime LLC will focus on instituting a NEW plan for the FAST DIET that will NOT USE pharmaceutical injections OR oral sprays like before, but will show people HOW to accomplish the same goal of massive weight loss and re-calibration of HOW the body loses weight and keeps weight off through our NEW SYSTEM of nutrition and eating that accomplishes this goal. This is available to anyone, but we are aware most clients still believe only a product will accomplish this for them, and for those clients we will wish them the best of luck going forward.

2016 and onward will be about EDUCATION clients through consults and materials, all of which will be offered at our Colorado Springs location, and ONLINE with "virtual" consults available nationwide.


Body Solutions Rx products and BLOG on Blogger.November 11, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime International now offer PayPal as a checkout option for our FAST diet programs and supplements!

PayPal is now officially an option for checkout at Body Solutions Rx. We accept any car through our standard processing as usual, and for those of you who like Pay Pal, you are all set !


October 24, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime International now offer PayPal as a checkout option for our FAST diet programs and supplements!

Client requested PayPal as a payment option when checking out of our online weight loss store. Now everyone can use the power of PayPal when buying weight loss products and health services as Body Solutions Rx and our wholesale supplements at Life Prime International.

We still offer standard credit card processing for ALL cards through our normal checkout system. But now you can use your PayPal account or card to purchase your products on our online stores!

Use our NEW Google Search bar to search for items and information on our site!

Sometimes it can be difficult to navigates web sites such as ours when they are growing.

Now you can access weight loss and health content on our site by typing in what you are looking for in our new Google Custom Search box! Google search keeps you on Body Solutions Rx and our affiliate web sites when you search for specific weight loss and health products, programs, services, or information.

Need information on a recipe from our new digital FAST cook book? Type in something as simple as "tilapia", and you will get a list of options within our web site to click on! It's that easy.

Here's what the new search box looks like on our pages:


October 6, 2014 UPDATE

OPTIMUM Energy - Buy the last before it is gone! - Buy the last before it is gone!

Only 400 bottles of OPTIMUM Energy remain in stock - And we will make no more. Why?

Many of you may recall last December and January that we decided to sell off OPTIMUM Energy because of a label expiration AND the reality that the FDA would not allow the purchase of a couple key Supplement Ingredients that make the product what it is.

Well, the label issue was just a typo, and is still good through February 2016.

The formulation issue and out ability to source Supplement Ingredients remains the issue, and because of the ever changing requirements by the FDA, we will not run the risk of producing another large run of product with the expectation that we will not be able to sell it.

This is a similar reality for MANY companies.

Therefore, as it is October 2014, we are selling OPTIMUM Energy near cost at just $9.95 a bottle. And shipping is still free whether you buy 1 or 100 bottles.

This promotion will run till product runs out.

After that time, PRIME Energy is still available, and is still the energy product about 55% of our client base still uses.


OPTIMUM Body - Production Ending

Optimum Body has worked for a variety of clients, but nothing like the STANDARD at Body Solutions Rx - PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction for the FAST Diet.

For many of you who have not been able to buy injectable FAST outside of Colorado, you have succeeded with PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction spray. This is still our core weight loss catalyst for the FAST Diet, as well as ongoing product for hunger, appetite, cravings and weight maintenance.

OPTIMUM BODY was created as an alternative to the FAST formula. OPTIMUM Body focused on the correction of the various glands in the body that help product hormones and lead to hormonal balance - A key concern of medical doctors as the the theoretical main key to weight loss. Additional Supplement Ingredients were added to help maintain lean tissues, and aid in the symptoms of hunger, appetite and cravings.

While a percentage of clients experienced positive results from OPTIMUM Body, and a handful order regularly, the cost to produce OPTIMUM Body outweighs the demand. If many more clients benefited from the product, we would reconsider continuing it's production, but will wind down the remaining stock over the course of October 2014. $24.95 a bottle.

CORE Products at Body Solutions Rx will ALWAYS be available.

As we move forward, it is time to simplify.

The CORE product line at Body Solutions Rx still consists of our oral FAST formula, PRIME Energy, B12, and array of support supplements.

In preparation for 2 new books that will Re-Launch the FAST weight loss protocol through the Body Solutions Rx core product line, there are only a handful of product, we feel, people need. The rest is derived from the clients and revolved around lifestyle changes, nutrition and the incorporation of daily exercise into ones life. Of course, we will be offering new programs in November 2014 to address these areas:

- Lifestyle programs and counseling
- Nutrition and Performance Nutrition programs tailored to individual needs
- Exercise council for those who have never exercised or need a new plan

Yours In Health,
Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, Body Solutions Rx LLC, DBA Life Prime International


February 11, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx™has instituted some new changes reflected in our emails to clients and now dedicated to the web site.

1.) OPTIMUM Energy is now NOT a part of programs, and will only be available till February 28th in single bottles. Due to formulation changes necessitated by the ban on various Supplement Ingredients by the FDA, we are no longer able to produce the original formula as out clients have come to know it. As well, our current supply will have a label expiration of February 28th and we will no longer offer what remains in our general store.

2.) NEW and LOWER pricing has been applied to ALL products across the board, with some items substantially reduced. This will eliminate out use of COUPON codes for clients - Coupons have always had quirks and many clients had issues using them in the online store. The only coupons that will be offered are those for special promotions like when a client fills out our survey, or the like. However, the overall reduction in prices is also meant to be a consistent method to offer the best pricing to our many returning clients and eliminate hassles.

ENJOY the new prices!

December 19, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx™ is making plans for the new year and working to improve aspects of the business, and like other companies, fight to continue offering the products and services we have always had. Please read the following bullet points:

1.) By February or March 2014, we will start using UPS as our primary shipping carrier. Why? UPS offers superior tracking, delivery and quality in service, as well as reliability. We have have had ever increasing issues using the United States Postal Service, which has started a campaign aiming to offer better shipping. However, the results are the opposite. We have experienced increased delays, packages being lost with no explanation, reduced options to get packages out, and increased fees. In the interest of our clients, we are opting for a private carrier - UPS and/or Fed Ex - as our future method of shipping.

2.) We have instituted a GREEN policy in regard to our acquisition and use of materials in our products and packaging. As there is a greater call for "environment friendly" and "health friendly" alternatives in today's market, the use of more biodegradable and less toxic items is becoming more important to businesses and consumers. In our next effort to comply, we are going with biodegradable shipping boxes, peanuts and packaging items to aid in the ongoing effort to improve our environment and expose out customers to fewer products that are not environmentally friendly.

3.) Changes in Hours:

We are changing hours for customer service and sales, and will be making business more "virtual" in nature. New customer service and sales hours are:

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm.
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Shipping will be completed for all packages the day after purchase. If any items become back ordered, a notice will be sent and there will be no delay in the items that are available on the order.

Clients will be able to utilize out IPhone texting service off-hours to submit questions. Text messages will be returned within an hour of submittal. Texting options will be available between 7am-9pm 7 days a week.

4.) Body Solutions Rx is opting to remain a small company and NOT grow into stores and other markets. That being said, the majority of response will come directly from Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN or on-staff doctors or counselors employed by Body Solutions Rx. You WILL NOT be talking to unskilled, hourly phone staff. In an effort to not only cut costs like other business, but to provide more direct and qualified responses to customer needs, we are adopting this model. Therefor, response times may be extended to a couple of hours and we appreciate your patience.

5.) Certain items will be reduced in their RETAIL price so clients can better afford to use them regularly. We realize various new products were launched with a certain price point, and after a period of time we believe a greater benefit will come from making them more affordable.

6.) The FAST Diet in its original form is still available. It is now called PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction. While new mandates have eliminated FAST in oral products, our oral FAST "style" spray is the same formula we offered since 2008, is as effective as ever, and will continue to be available. Along with the oral FAST program, enhanced food options are now available. increased caloric options and better oversight. All of this comes with a great reduction in cost, with the use of our monthly coupons, resulting in most monthly programs being around $65-75 all inclusive.

Thank you for your continued patronage as we wade through the many changes in the United States market and increased regulations. We will always to our best for our clients.


Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, CEO - Body Solutions Rx and Life Prime International


August 27, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx™ is going through some "growing pain" changes that we want to make everyone aware of.

1.) Starting September 2014, we are closing our walk-in facility in Colorado Springs and preparing to move all company operations, shipping, customer service, and NEW walk in centers to our primary location in Austin and San Antonio, TX. We are also preparing to open new walk in centers in New Orleans, LA.

2.) All clients in the Colorado Springs and Colorado area who only buy IN PERSON, will be able to continue purchasing items in 2 ways - A.) Order online and receive a substantial on-going discount of 40%, or B.) Go to our new HRT company True You Body Inc., in Colorado Springs to pick up products. Walk In options will not offer the same discounts as now purchasing online or over the phone.

3.) Dr. Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, CEO of Body Solutions R™x and Life Prime International™ will be publishing a NEW and UPDATED version of the original Simeons Protocol, citing relevant sections of the original research, and applying many of the new findings from the many years of practicing and offering the original Simeons Protocol, also referred to as the FAST Diet and HCH fast weight loss program.

Overcoming objections from the medical community, the FDA and the FTC are paramount to continued company AND clients success. it is VITAL that new information be brought to light that will not only help those who have already used the protocol, or who are new to it, to better attain fat loss and maintain it. But most of all, re-hashing the protocol so that it is safer and more effective than before will allow for us to offer it long term and in accordance with FDA, FTC and medical mandates and concerns.

Look for may exciting changes this FALL 2014.

We strive to do the best for our customers, and always with YOUR safety and best interest in mind.


Dr. Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN

February 24, 2014 UPDATE

Body Solutions Rx™ is changing in many respect. What does this mean?

As you all know, changes in the market place that include the destruction of our industry through the concerted efforts of our government and departments such as the FDA and the great medical community, have lead to many centers like our closing their doors.

The fear of fines for making claims about products has driven many providers away. The quality of products has also declined as many money-hungry companies product sub-par, inferior products for the same purposes - customers buy these products because they are cheap, and the result is failure in what the customers is expecting. This leads to increasing trust issues between customer and provider, and uncertainty on WHO to trust, that products WORK, and on and on.

Due to market place changes and the fact it takes a lot more to get the same client in the door, Body Solutions Rx will be modifying its structure and function.

We will continue to offer counseling, though specific appointments will be lined up within 24 hours of an interest from a customer. We are not able to offer On-The-Spot counseling when a customer calls. While this is slightly inconvenient, its standard in all other industries and we have done our best to accommodate customers based on their time lines.

As well, customer service will be modified. If customers need help, they will most likely need to send an EMAIL through our system, TEXT the owner, or leave a VOICEMAIL. The customer will then be given a follow-up call from Body Solutions Rx within 24 hours to address issues and questions. While this system is not optimal, it still allows us to resolve all matters in a timely manner and satisfy our customers.

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, Owner of Body Solutions Rx™, will be repealing his title of CEO, and simply be the owner and prime contact at Body Solutions Rx. You will deal with him specifically on all matters and get all the information you need. Daniel intends on providing the best service possible under the parameters Body Solutions Rx must operate under.

We have reduced staff and eliminated many key positions and personnel you have dealt with in the past. Due to increasing pressure to perform as a business and pay more and more to our state and federal government, we have been forced to cut out work force indefinitely.

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, while "running the show" at Body Solutions Rx™, will be investing more of his time in writing a series of books you will all be made aware of when published. His also firing up his resume to pursue other career interests.

Thank you ALL for your continued patronage. The QUALITY of products will remain the same, if not improve. Programs will continue, and more and more resources for customers will be created in a VIRTUAL setting so we can provide better options regardless of changes in staffing.

Body Solutions Rx Inc, Colorado Springs, Colorado / National