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True You Body - Saliva Test Kit

The Colorado Hormone Replacement PROGRAM

What Is Offered In A Complete Colorado Hormone Replacement Evaluation and Program:

An integration of four critical areas into a single service.
A Colorado hormone replacement therapy program is orchestrated to create a chemical synergy within the body and mind; the goal is to synchronize biological, psychological, and life solutions at one time.
Guarantee of value for anything offered in this program.

The four critical areas of hormone replacement therapy service are:

HRT (Colorado Hormone Replacement Therapy and Colorado Springs hormone replacement) - Our exclusive hormone therapy Saliva Test reveals your unique hormone profile...
Colorado nutritional supplements
Colorado Exercise programs including Denver fitness and Colorado Springs fitness programs
Colorado Stress Management

Our hormone therapy programs are the only anti-aging programs that integrate all the essential areas of concern for long lasting, bio-enhanced rejuvenation

Body solutions are person-specific and remain customized throughout the program.

Individualized Colorado health programs feature:

Colorado hormone replacement therapies to the optimal range.
Colorado dietary plans and disease prevention nutritional supplements.
Colorado exercise & fitness routines; Denver therapeutic activities and Colorado Springs therapeutic activities.
Colorado lifestyle modification and stress reduction methodologies.

Additional Colorado health options may include:

Colorado Springs counseling services and follow up
A Colorado or Denver fitness assessment
And a Colorado diagnostic assessment.

The first 30-60 days a patient gets prepared for the commitment they need to complete a Colorado lifestyle makeover. All the areas of the program are instituted.

While patients often travel to our clinics from Denver, Colorado Springs, Durango, Grand Junction and other areas near by, nationally we can perform many hormone replacement services over the Internet and telephone. Hormone replacement doctors are provided as necessary.

Choices our hormone replacement patients have include:

How they will modify their existing Colorado lifestyle to accommodate their goals.
What Colorado nutritional supplements are used from the recommended list; usually 4-8 pharmacy grade supplement products are recommended.
What Colorado bio-identical hormones are used from the clinical recommendations.
What Colorado exercise activities they will integrate to reach their goals.
A schedule for follow up with the Colorado Springs clinical team.
Referral to allied cosmetic and aesthetic services (Botox, mesotherapy, laser, plastic surgery)

What is required to enroll in this program?

1.) A state of the art Saliva Test with our own panels that will determine many biological facts about the patient
2.) Your Saliva Test will be reviewed by our qualified Colorado physicians from True You Body ( or

3.) Further Colorado medical services will require enrollment via completion of an enrollment packet, submission of diagnostic records, and any pertinent medical records from previous treatment.

The next step for enrollment:

True You Body, our premier affiliate for Colorado hormone replacement therapy

The FIRST step to knowing what your Colorado hormonal levels are and your status as a candidate for Colorado bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is to purchase and take the Exclusive Saliva Test. This test will measure:

4X Daily Cortisol
Progesterone (women)
Others based on individual need.
The BioMat - Far Infrared Therapy at Body Solutions Rx Holistic Center, Colorado Springs, CO - PLUS, Alkaline, Ionzed water wtih the Alkal-Like 7000 Water Machine - FREE water, FREE intro sessions on the BioMat!
You take this test in the comfort and privacy of your own home and results once mailed are available in 2 weeks.



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