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Scott believes in treating the whole person and not just a condition. He combines some of the most advanced wellness and Chiropractic treatments available today to provide a total body protocol.

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Read More Below The Center hostes massage therapy specialties. Each offers a unique approach to massage and healing. Techniques are tailored to the needs to each customer, from simple gentle massge to more aggressive sports massage and deep tissue work.

Gentle Colon Hydrotherapy

Read More Below Ms. Kelly Klipple Support your overall health goals, fast weight loss regimen, or detoxification program with internal cleansing! Gentle colon hydrotherapy is an essential method of cleansing the body from the inside for health and healing.

Personalized Fitness Training

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Kely Klipple, Colorado Springs, CO - Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonics

Gentle Colon Hydrotherapy and Colonics in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ms. Kelly Klipple
Call Direct: (719)339-3027


Do you experience any of the following signals regularly?

  1. constipation/diarrhea/IBS
  2. bloating/indigestion/swelling/water retention
  3. obesity/overweight/underweight
  4. frequent headaches/migraines/inflammation in the body
  5. fatigue/depression/anxiety/irritability/anger/emotional instability
  6. yeast/fungal infections/sinus problems/allergies/skin problems
  7. insomnia/decreased sexual response/despondence/lack of concentration
  8. decreased resistance to infection

As you may already know, the average person is carrying several pounds of dried fecal matter and toxins in their colon. Usually as a result of the Basic American Diet (B.A.D.) high in fats, unclean meat, processed foods, flour, dairy, sugar, preservatives, as well as prescription drugs, addictions, overexposure to toxic environments, and chemicals that the body struggles to process.
This combined with lack of proper water intake, high stress lifestyle and lack
of exercise, not only weigh the body down, but allow putrefying toxins to recirculate in the blood (also known as 'Leaky gut syndrome') causing a barrage of symptoms you may think are unrelated to your colon, even mystery ailments that are hard to address or relieve.

Support your overall health goals, fast weight loss regimen, or detoxification program with internal cleansing! Gentle colon hydrotherapy is an essential method of cleansing the body from the inside, allowing you to move into the next level of health and healing. This can allow you to feel better faster!

What to expect from your Colorado Springs colonic session:

To expel fear or embarrassment about the session, here is some important information. Typically a session lasts about 45 minutes after a period of relaxing breath work facilitated by Young Living Essential oils, if you desire.
You should expect to be comfortable, covered, in a peaceful and clean environment. The practitioner will gently insert a small disposable speculum into the rectum which is attached to a waste hose which is connected to a state of the art Hydrosan closed system machine. A slow fill of warm purified water is infused into the colon in a gentle pressure and release method to induce peristalsis (movement). This process should be tolerable and not painful. The individual's tolerance to take water into the entire colon allows the loosening of old fecal matter, gas, mucus, parasites, Candida, undigested food and toxins to be released through the tubing of the closed machine so there is no smell or mess.

Expediting the elimination of toxins from the large intestine supports a variety
of health concerns. It is a basic foundation of preventative care and widely called for in many cleansing protocols.

The benefits of continued Colorado Springs colon hydrotherapy are far reaching:

improve circulation and lymphatic funtion
deep cleansing of eliminatory organs-liver, kidneys, gallbladder, skin, lungs, ect. by decreasing toxic load
improve peristalsis (more productive function on your own)
support and boost immune system/increased resistance to infection
improve skin conditions
improved relief of pain conditions (arthritis, fybromyalgia, migraines,
general inflammatory conditions)
better mental clarity
helpful for psychological/physiological conditions such as depression/anxiety
helpful with allergy conditions
improved mood and sense of well being

After a session, most people describe feeling 'cleaner' or 'lighter' with better mental clarity and rejuvenation. Some people experience minor flu-like symptoms that pass quickly at the beginning of a body cleanse as toxins surface and release. Generally, customers consider 1 session per week for 3 weeks, then move into longer intervals for a total of 6-10 sessions over a 2-3 month period, followed by individual maintenance plans thereafter. Typically once per month, every other month, or seasonally is optimal. Cleansing is a process, not an event.

Each individual is provided with a specific list of cleansing tips and dietary suggestions to help facilitate the process between sessions.

As a customer you will also have access to the Body Solutions Rx Holistic Fitness Center for a nominal fee. This allows you to use the far infra-red sauna, bio-mat, total body motion machine and various fitness center equiptment.
On the premises you can also get Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic Adjustments, Life Coaching, Personal Fitness training and Reiki Healing.

Body Solutions Rx offers the natural oral PRIME or OPTIMUM weightloss program.
Visit for more information. These supporting healing modalities further intensify the detoxification experience.
Ask Kelly for more details.


CALL Kelly Klipple to SCHEDULE
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Expect same day response time when necessary to leave a message.
Typically, appointments are available within a week.
New customer sessions are 1 1/2 hours, subsequent sessions are about
an hour, however, relaxation is imperative, so we do not rush!

Flexible weekday appointments, some evenings, and Saturday appointments available.

2500 N Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

From I-25 take the Fillmore exit east approximately 5 miles until
it crosses Union.
Fillmore then becomes N Circle Dr.
Continue east 1/2 mile to the corner of N Circle Dr. and Van Buren.
Located in the Body Solutions Rx Holistic Fitness Center building.
Parking in lot in back. Enter the center door in back of building, then come downstairs and to the right.

Current Pricing Schedule:

New prices for FALL 2014 - Call to excellent pricing on your Colorado Springs colon hydrotherapy and Colorado Springs colonic sessions!

Sorry, no credit/debit cards accepted.
Payment by personal check or cash only.

All prepaid sessions must be used within a rolling 12 months
from date of purchase, otherwise will expire. Sorry, no refunds.

Scheduling is handled by phone at (719)339-3027. If you have a question
or a comment you'd rather handle by email, you may expect a response within two business days.