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Affiliation OPTIONS Are Now Available!

BECOME a Wholesale Client - buy in bulk and sell in your own store. Keep 100% of your profits.

BECOME a REFERRAL MARKETER - Find and Refer NEW clients and receive a generous 30% commission on the Net from ALL Sales Referred!


WELCOME Affiliates and Wholesale Distributors!


The BodySolutionsRx™ AFFILIATE referral marketing and DISTRIBUTOR PROGRAM is our newest way for current customers and/or potential sales people to make a wonderful commission on sales of Body Solutions Rx™ products and programs.

How DO the AFFILIATE Referral Marketing and distributor programs Work?

The AFFILIATE PROGRAM is simple to sign up for and implement! Once you sign to be an AFFILIATE at Body Solutions Rx, you will be notified within 1 business day of acceptance. Once accepted as an affiliate, you will have access to all resources you will need to successfully make money by referring people to our web site to buy products and programs OR to buy wholesale and become your own boss as a distributor. Here are the steps:
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What you can expect:


Once you sign up you are ready to go! All you really need to start is the LINK found in your LINKS & TOOLS toolbox on your management page.... and OF COURSE customers to market to! Even referring the occasional friend to our web site by having them click on YOUR LINK will earn you more income. Its that simple.

As well, through our launch-phase of the affiliate program, we will be working to provide affiliate, FREE OF CHARGE, a variety of per-linked banners, photos, and other content to use for marketing.


STEP 1: Sign Up Today

Simply let us know what you would be interested in doing as a referral markets or wholesale distributor. Let us know your ideas and plans and how you intend on being successful!

As of December 5, 2015, simply send us a simple email via the CONTACT link to the left and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

STEP 2: Once Accepted

Once accepted we will have a nice chat in person, or in most cases over the phone.

We will discuss your individual plan of action, and chat about HOW we will work together for a mutual WIN-WIN arrangement.

A basic agreement will then be sent to you for review and signature and then it will be time to get going.

Body Solutions Rx has plans for new growth in 2016 an beyond and would love to find valuable new partners.

STEP 3: Account Management


As we develop AFFILIATE options and programs, we will notify you of these options. Currently Body Solutions Rx offers 2 program options for affiliates. The referral marketer program allows an referral marketer to use a CODE, specific to them, for use by their clients when they direct traffic to the Body Solutions Rx website and store. This link can be used in e-mails, on your own website, or on a SPLASH PAGE we can provide for you once you sign up. Commissions are, again, 30% of the NET sale (after cost and shipping).

WHOLESALE clients buy product in quantity to receive wholesale pricing, and are in charge of distributing and selling the product and programs (programs are sold under guidelines established by Body Solutions Rx), and keep 100% of their own profit. Their clients remain their clients and they alone are responsible for servicing those accounts.

Monthly reports will be sent to all referral marketers and wholesale clients.

Sign Up Today

Sign Up Today!
Questions? Send an e-mail to our operations department at Body Solutions Rx™ and we will work with you to provide the answers you need. We are dedicated to ensuring YOUR success - that translates in success for everyone involved!

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