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Getting Rid of Belly Fat - Cortisol May Be At the Center of Abdominal Obesity

Getting Rid of Belly Fat


Even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast can have too much visceral and abdominal fat. This is one of the most aggravating for people. It may not be your fault, as hormone irregularities combined with ineffective food and exercise strategies usually are more powerful than your determination to succeed.

The program to attack this is comprised of specific exercises that isolate the abdominal region, diet plan to accelerate your goals, key clinical nutrition & medicine supplementation that will help burn off the fat. It is safe, can be very effective, and uses the key 4 areas of treatment that brings success for long term change.

Diet Plan, complete and easy to follow
Exercise Program, gives you RESULTS and helps you break past the barriers
Supplements & Medicines, not available to the general public & clinically proven to be very effective when combined with proper procedures
Stress Control, the effects of mental and physical stress may be hurting you; this program attacks the chemistry that supports the process of manufacturing fat cells and bloating.

Local Price for the Initial Program: $ 379

Non-local Price for the Initial Program: $ 349

Both programs rely on the use of specific products & medicines.
Results vary from person to person.


Cortisol Is At the Center of Abdominal Obesity

Cortisol is an essential endocrine hormone that has been identified by scientists to promote obesity in many Americans due to a number of personal and physiological circumstances. While there are many quick-fix gimmicks for fat reduction and reducing abdominal fat, the problems associated with abdominal fat and obesity are complicated and requires a thorough and careful application of combinations of therapies.

Cortisol is:

Evoked under stressful conditions

Evoked during intense exercise

Evoked by a lack of sleep and adrenaline

Other hormone reactions within this situation:

Adrenaline evokes insulin

Insulin generally de-sensitizes our bodies & disrupts glucose metabolism

Insulin de-sensitization leads to diabetes, in time

If someone eats food, especially sugary fattening foods during stress, the problem is even worse because of the onslaught of calories and the insulin (required to manage the food's conversion into sugar). There are numerous complex situations that occur to make the equation nearly impossible to control.

So the self-defeating cycle of faulty physiology, hormone irregularities, and dietary mistakes becomes an emotional nightmare for someone.

The repair of this vicious cycle requires the change of certain life habits and use certain key nutriceuticals and hormone managing medications.

Products necessary to reverse the condition:


Phoshatidyl serine

Conjugated linoleic acid

Anti-anxiety herbs (valeria, chamomile, kavalactones)

DHA & Essential Fatty Acids

Medical interventions:


Melatonin for sleep enhancement or something similar

Possibly thyroid medication

Establishing any need for other hormone replacement therapy

Lifestyle changes:

More rest

Less stress

Low glycemic & balanced diets with portion controls

Never missing regular meals

Regular exercise appropriate for you, as a individual

Using pre-and post exercise nutriceuticals for management of cortisol

To determine the exact level of damage sustained by cortisol, a blood draw is recommended. There are a few panels that will capture the range of problems; this allows us to determine if the therapies are working and have a baseline of data that is reliable.


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