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Distributor Banners: (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

New banners are going to be made for our new REFERRAL MARKETING and WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR programs starting December 15th! Check back at that time, or when you sign up, let's talk about what you need and we can put something unique together for you.

Below are just some samples.

1.) Right click banners and "Save As" to your computer. Then, simply "embed" your unique URL into the banners and you are done! .. OR ..

2.) If you are marketing on a site that won't let you upload banners and asks you for the "URL" or "Location" of the pictures on the web, the you wil simply RIGHT CLICK the banners you want, and then SAVE TARGET AS or COPY PICTURE URL/DESTINATION. This will copy of the photo's destination link, and you can then PASTE it into the program or save it to a text document for later usage. You would then LINK your affiliate / distributor link to the photo and anyone who clicks on it will be tracked on our web site as they buy products resulting in your sales commission.


Size: 125 pix x 125 pix

PRIME Banner for Affiliate Program
GIF PRIME Banner for Affiliate Program JPEG


Size: 728 pix x 90 pix


Size: 250 pix x 250 pix

PRIME Banner for Affiliate Program
GIF PRIME Banner for Affiliate Program JPEG

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