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Adjustments to the PRIME HCG Diet Plan by Body Solutions Rx (BACK)

Here is a list of revisions that we institute at BSRX. Please read thoroughly.


Before using products, allow 3-5 days on the fast weight loss program so it can settle into place.

The use of light, organic type products are fine. There is no evidence that someone should not use cosmetics, at all.

Creams & lotions should be light, organic and contain NO oil. If you need a list of manufacturers, please call Body Solutions Rx for options. If you find significant changes in fast weight loss when you begin using products again, you may be sensitive to them and should consider stopping their use.

The dietary part of the protocol is sensitive. Here are some points we want to highlight:

1.) The first 3 days of the PRIME HCG Diet are FREE days; eat the fatty foods you want and enjoy, but no junk food. Prefferably items such as olive oil, whole butter, avocados, beacon and eggs, etc, are great options. Day four is the institution of the 500-800 calorie diet.
2.) Follow the PRIME diet to the letter; no food substitutions or dietary changes are allowed unless first dicussed.
3.) Adhere to the desired PRIME HCG diet schedule of eating. If you have to move a meal because of a tight schedule, that is fine. But get the correct number of meals in each day as designed.
4.) Cravings and excessive appetite are NOT normal. Additional dietary changes may be required to manage these situations. Body Solutions Rx has a great series of natural dietary TOOLS that will reduce these issues and give you peace of mind.

Supplements and medications are not changed because of the protocol. Continue on all the products that you are using at the onset, e.g., thyroid medications, vitamins, etc.

Gastrointestinal detox supplements and other cleanses can be done simultaneously with the PRIME diet protocol with caution. Too many things at once can give unexpected results. You do not have to do one at a time for them to be effective. Check with us about great products that are inexpensive and effective for liver and GI cleanses, as well as the best approach for you.

Additional fast weight loss and energy protocols, like our B12 Lipotropic can be done at the same time as the protocol if desired.

The length of the PRIME HCG diet(s) are in 3-4 week segments. Evidence exists that the fast weight loss protocol will continue to shed pounds weeks after the diet ends. The later weeks of the protocol continue to shape and contour your body. Inch loss and fast weight loss are more obvious during the early weeks. The body is now in a new pattern of chemistry, and is still sensitive to sudden influences from bad foods, alocohol, drugs, unnatural Supplement Ingredients, etc. Returning TOO soon to bad forms of eating can cause the body to revert to its defaut behavior and begin storing fat again.

Blood work is NOT required for the PRIME dietary program using "PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction" formula, but highly encouraged if you are using medical services through our affiliates. Blood work gives you the bottom line about your health, metabolism, age related conditions, and can be researched to your satisfaction. Your insurance will cover most of a blood draw. we can refer you our for a blood draw if desired.


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