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The Body Solutions Rx supplement and weight loss store ONLINE Life Prime by Daniel RiedelPRIME weight loss BLOG on what happened to fat loss diets, the truth and the realities. Presented and researched by CEO and Owner of Body Solutions Rx, Daniel Riedel. PRIME diet, PRIME weight loss, PRIME chat.Body Solutions Rx locations nationwide. Learn more about Body Solutions Rx by reading below!

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What We Offer

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BodySolutionsRx fast weight loss centers strive to develop and provide the very best in programs and products for a variety of issues: fast weight loss, weight management, anti aging, daily health, sexual health, and longevity.

As a THANK YOU to our returning guests, we always provide opportunities to save on products and services at BodySolutionsRx.

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2860 S. Circle Drive, Suite 160
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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Our Principles

  • We treat EVERY customer with respect and integrity
  • PROVIDE the very best in customer service and support
  • PROVIDE the very best in quality products and services every time
  • GO BEYOND in everything we do and be the best we can be
  • BEGIN and END every interraction with a smile
  • BE the products and services we provide

Our Mission


Welcome to Body Solutions Rx. Our mission is to bring energy and health back to people's lives and help them live at full potential. Our programs utilize the latest in technology and research to help facilitate better health naturally, prevent disease and turn the body's biological clock to a more youthful place.


Welcome To Body Solutions Rx!

Body Solutions Rx's continues to offer innovative nutritional services and solutions that are engineered to help with issues with obesity, illness, disease, and sexual related conditions. Each program provides a fresh and unique approach for each customer, including our natural and comprehensive weight loss programs and products.

Learn about what happened to the FAST Diet, WHY FAST injections and considered non effective by the FDA, and WHY only certain products such as ours remain on the market and continue to offer effective weight loss results.

If you know someone who will benefit from our programs, they will receive all the necessary materials and guidance to ensure a successful program unlike any offered before.

Program materials have been revised. We are available to discuss your weight loss and dietary goals and interests directly through our e-mail, CONTACT FORM, or over the phone.




OPTIMUM Men and Women - Information, Products and Program options for distinct male and female needs.Company Profile

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Body Solutions Rx LLC


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2860 S. Circle Drive, Suite 160
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www.BodySolutionsrx.com (Original retail site)
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Our fast weight loss centers and online ordering options allow you to participate in programs that are convenient, affordable, and practical for busy consumers. Participants receive information from our centers anytime, purchase supplies, and even have the option to undergo a counsult from our knowledgable COMPANY on all questions.


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