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A History of the PRIME HCG Diet and HCG HCG weight loss - HCG Diet Stories and Success

A Brief history of the PRIME HCG Diet ™(BACK)

Every person has a choice on when and how to make HCG weight loss part of a daily plan. PRIME HCG weight loss ™ has helped scores of people achieve their fat loss sucess, HCG weight loss succcess, HCG diet success and personal health agendas. Through the work of an Italian physician seeking a method to correct the condition of obesity, an original hormone was theorized to control the mechanism of fat storage and consumption in the body.

To date, the science is still theoretical, and the proof is in the anecdotal evidence - HCG diet stories and customer reports of large scale HCG weight loss, and a reshaping of the body, all while maintaining reduced hunger and appetite, and an improvement in energy and metal clarity. The FDA does not support the use of HCG for HCG weight loss due to the lack of scientific studies that show this relationship.

Over the past 6 years, the oral PRIME HCG Diet ™ has become a diet phenomenon. PRIME HCG weight loss ™ - previously referred to as the Simeons Protocol and his text on his unpublished research "Pounds and Inches"- has been scrutinized in many television shows such as Fox, Oprah, Dr. Oz, in documentaries about its safety and effectiveness. Made popular by author Kevin Trudeau in the book The HCG weight loss Cure, new awareness of a this little known option for HCG weight loss took shape and many people made the decision to try this method for weight reduction.


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