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PRIME+ Weight Loss Solutions - From weight loss options like the PRIME Diet, fast weight loss, quick weight loss, weight loss diet plan, to weight loss alternative programs nutrition and weight control counsel, Body Solutions Rx is the solution to your need! Read about and purchase fat loss programs now, learn about alternatives, and download support materials.Whole body and gastrointestinal detoxification and antioxidants support supplementsLeaner body and natural energy support supplementsImportant news, dates, specials, coupons and more at Body Solutions Rx.

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Dietary Supplements and FAST Diet Programs:

PRIME Weight Loss™ Program for the FAST Diet

fat loss diet kits for the Body Solutions Rx fast weight loss program

PRIME Weight Loss™ Programs for the FAST Diet

PRIME Probiotic






FAST Diet Cook Book - NEW and Updated (PDF Digital)

Products by Alphabetical Order:

Nutritional Supplements and Dietary Aides



PRIME Probiotic

PAGE: Lean Body & Natural Energy Supplements

PRIME Probiotic

PAGE: Body, GI Detox & Antioxidant Supplements

PRIME Probiotic

PRIME PROBIOTIC™ - complete probiotic formula

PRIME CARBOTROL™ - carbohydrate blocker and starch blocker. Block carbs and block starches naturally.

PRIME DAILY CLEANSE™ - daily fiber and bulk

PRIME DETOX-15™ - potent 15 day GI Cleanse

PRIME LIPOTROL™ - dietary fat blocker - Block fat absorption to eliminate digestion of bad dietary fats!

Night Slender - nighttime hormone and protein synthesis - Improves metabolism and fat burning. Essential amino acids.

PRIME NIGHT SLIM™ - amino acids for balance | fat loss

PRIME OPTIMALE™ - male sexual enhancement

brain health, neurological health and b12 lipotropic bottle - OPTIMUM Neuro-B

OPTIMUM NEURO-B™ - Now B12 LipoMax - B12 lipotropic with B12 MIC + Neuro (Dedicated Site Link)

ORAL HGH™ - pituitary support and weight loss

Amazing Energy Products by Body Solutions Rx

PRIME ENERGY™ - appetite and energy - Super energy supplement for those dieting or needed a natural boost.

PRIME Immunity

PRIME IMMUNITY™ - potent, complete antioxidants

PRIME Vitality

PRIME VITALITY™ - potent vitamins and antioxidants

PRIME B12 LipoMAX™ - pituitary support

PRIME WATERTRIM™ - for edema and water retention