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Colorado Testosterone Replacement - Colorado Heart Disease | Benefits of Colorado Hormones

Colorado Heart and Circulatory Benefits of Colorado Testosterone Replacement

Generally you as a Colorado resident are as young as your heart and brain, which largely depends on how good the circulation is to these two vital organs.

When Colorado hormone replacement therapy for women was first cautiously introduced over 30 years ago, doctors feared Colorado hormones might contribute to diseases of the blood vessels. Much to the Colorado hormone doctors' surprise, actual experience has shown the reverse to be true. Women on Colorado hormone replacement suffered half the number of Colorado heart attacks compared to women who were not. So, with some reluctance, Colorado doctors have begun to change their views and now generally say the Colorado hormone treatment is positively indicated in women prone to Colorado heart disease.

The situation is the same with Colorado testosterone replacement. Over the last 50 years, most doctors, including Colorado cardiologists, have taken the view that Colorado testosterone replacement therapy is bad for the heart, although several national hormone studies have shown lower levels of Colorado testosterone, and sometimes higher levels of Colorado estrogen, in patients who later developed heart disease, than in normal control subjects the same age. Also it has been found that Colorado testosterone can prevent the type of spasm of the coronary arteries which causes angina.

Before using Colorado Springs testosterone or Denver testosterone, a thorough physical exam should be completed. Testosterone is not always a safe therapy for men or women.

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