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You CAN STILL Lose around a POUND a Day!


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Prime Appetite and Weight Reduction is the new standard in aggressive fat loss, formally known as the FAST weight loss diet or FAST diet , and is safer and more effective than ever!


The resurgence of the FAST diet came at the end of 2006, and quickly gained popularity in 2007 and onward.

Many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have benefited from this therapy. The original program involved injections administered by a doctor to elicit aggressive fat loss over periods of time such as 42 days.

Since 2007, the development of oral products such as PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction, and other sprays and drops, created a new venue for aggressive weight loss and the elimination of pharmaceuticals and the need for scripting. This also resulted in a great reduction in financial outlay to the consumer, upwards of 90%.

While many products that entered the weight loss market, such as weight-loss drops, were not effective, and forced to the user to use them throughout the day to eliminate hunger, other products, of which there are a few on the market today, truly allowed the body to consume large amounts of body fat with a limited caloric intake of specific foods that help the liver to decongest and open up the bodies ability to consume body fat as the primary food source of calories.

PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction is such a product. With tens of thousands of successful clients, the PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction formula has been an invaluable tool in helping the body to reduce large amounts of body fat, while helping people maintain lean mass, reduce hunger, and maintain high levels of energy and mental acuity.

Of course there are some other products on the market that allow the same process to happen. Body Solutions RX is not the only company to offer quality products, and we note that.

PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction spray is safe and effective. There have been no known negative side effects to date, except for if the user is sensitive to alcohol or glycerin, both of which are a slight percentage of the formula and used a stabilizers. Those with specific medical conditions such as diabetes still benefit from the product and program but should be getting their doctors' approval and recognizing that some individual changes in the diet will be necessary.

Our product is completely homeopathic in it's creation. The body will only use what it needs, and will not use what it does not need. The user either gets the positive results expected, or no results at all.

The spray is usually administered under the tongue before bed and upon waking. There is no need to take the spray several times a day such as the drops that were popular years ago.

The foods on the diet are specific. Complex and simple carbohydrates are eaten late morning and late afternoon to deliver energy needed throughout the day. These two meals consist of a choice of very alkaline fruit, and a bread item such as breads ticks, or now the inclusion of sweet potato, quinoa or Ezekiel bread.

Lunch and dinner consist of a generous portion of protein, and a generous portion a specific vegetables that are alkaline forming or alkaline in nature.

Essentially, the body is getting four meals a day along with adequate hydration and additional supplementation that is allowed.

The common concerns for clients are the basic ones: gentle hunger throughout the day which the client is not used to feeling, and light headaches for a few days as the body eliminates toxins, are the most common two. These are benign in nature, and quickly pass. However, the client is instructed that gentle hunger is common and necessary, and is a natural part of eliminating body fat and allowing the body to adjust to a new chemical nature.

After the first few days to one week of low caloric intake, clients note an increase in energy, mental alertness, and general well-being. Many clients even ask if they have to eat because hunger is gone in many cases and they just have no interest in most foods they normally consumed. If hunger is still present, they still note they have no interest in eating the common foods they have eaten before.

In select cases where the client is very obese, and particularly toxic, from the consumption of junk food, soda, cigarettes, alcohol, and processed foods, they may experience flu like symptoms or the feeling of having a cold or being rundown. This is normal as the body dumps toxins into the system for elimination. In these certain cases, clients need to tough it out, and allow the body to heal.

In cases where clients have little body fat to lose but still want to pursue the aggressive weight-loss plan, clients tend to lose aggressively for the first few days, and then settle into a lower per day weight reduction. This is normally noted on the scale. Many clients report at this point a loss of a half pound or a quarter pound per day. In these cases, it is necessary for the client to consume more protein and vegetable to make up the difference and allow the body to be fed appropriately between fat and food intake.

It must also be noted that the brain and nervous system get their nutrients and energy from the breakdown of carbohydrates into glycogen. These parts of the body do not get energy from the breakdown of body fat for food.

In this regard, if the client has less body fat, and is starting to feel a little more hungry, brain foggy, or low on energy and mental acuity, they need to increase the consumption of complex and simple carbohydrate by adding some additional fruit and or bread items from the program menu. This will allow the client to function normally, and give the body the next needed boost to continue processing body fat for energy.

The advent of the FAST diet was also based on the 500 per day calorie diet. Over the years, the FDA became concerned over this low caloric nature, and programs such as a PRIME Appetite and Weight Reduction increased the basic caloric intake to 800 calories and above.

It has been noted that clients who consume 800 calories instead of 500 still show a similar weight reduction per day as those on the previous low caloric diet. Also, with the introduction of sweet potato and quinoa instead of breads ticks as primary complex carbohydrate sources, clients are receiving a greater nutritional value in their daily food intake, and many are reporting more satisfaction in their eating, and similar or more weight loss per day. These two foods are gluten-free, and with the potential allergenic nature of gluten in the diet, it is still the best recommended choice for clients to consume sweet potato and quinoa over wheat-based items such as breads ticks and Melba toasts. Some clients also have a daily serving of as he Ezekiel bread which is flowerless, and they report the same results.

So as you can see, the DIET itself has come a long way, and still leads to the same massive weight reduction as before. Only NOW, there is greater nutritional impact that ensures there are no issues with malnutrition. The diet has never been safer, and frankly, easier to continue on with the greater choices for clients in food options and overall satisfaction.


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