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2016 Newsletter by Daniel Riedel

Title: How to eat and what is best for your body based on your BMR!


March newsletter 2016

It is mid March of the new year, many people have started and stopped any manner of New Year's resolutions. The biggest of course it's health-related, with the vast majority opting to lose weight and improve their bodies in the new year.

While the focus of our company for the longest time has been fast, aggressive weight loss, it is often overlooked that proper nutrition and feeding oneself is key to proper health, cognitive function, longevity, and happiness. Not everything has to revolve around dieting.

Creating regular, relevant newsletters becomes a challenge too when the subject matter does not change much from year to year. The same old story... the same old offers... exercising, supplements, weight loss, aesthetics,… it just goes on and on in and endless cycle.

The subject of nutrition fits this mould too. But surprisingly, with decades going bye, and tons of information on the internet, people still act perplexed by what the proper protocol is for HOW to eat and WHAT is best for them.

Apply this to the weight loss program we offer – the infamous FAST Diet, though modified – and things get even more confusing. It's one thing to diet aggressively and lose a lot of fat, it's another to return to proper eating, and in a way that is beneficial to long term fat reduction, lean retention, and overall good nutrition.

Again, this brings us back to nutrition.

There are many people out there – nutritionists, registered dieticians, how-to books, and the like - to refer to, to learn what may be best for each of us. Many of us however can do well with some very basic knowledge on how to heal, eat well, and still pursue that never ending goal of the body we think we should have.

First of all, and this is in regard to those who have done the FAST diet via our program, as well as those who just need good advice, it is important to know that the BODY wants to eat. It wants plenty of good, nutritious food in order to maintain it's vital tissues and organs, to be able to synthesize hormones in a way that sparks fat reduction and overall energy and vigor.

But many are hesitant to eat. Especially after a diet where a lot of fat was eliminated, body measurements were reduced, and where they ate very little food, albeit specific foods.

You have to eat!

It's knowing what and how much that seems to overwhelming to people that they all but throw in the towel, get down on themselves, and then sabotage with a nasty meal at a local fast food joint.

If you eat the right foods, you can enjoy a LOT of them and still lose weight and create the healthy body you want. How?

One – it is important to know YOUR body. While there are exceptions to the rule for some people with medical issues overseen by a doctor, the majority of people will do well with some general advice. You will know if you are seriously overweight, or just have a little around the middle to get rid of, or skinny as a pole. You know if you were this way all your life, or if there was a time when you were not and then things changed. You know whether you eat fruit and vegetables or candy, donuts and pizza.

Deep down, each of us knows whether we are or are not doing the wrong thing for ourselves.

Two – it is important to know that in a world where everything we want is at our fingertips every moment of every day, it is up to each of us to know what is right for us. Unfortunately, for example, a simple lunch eaten out for many people can mean an entire day's worth of calories eaten at that one meal... it seems so normal, so easy, so not-a-big-deal. Multiply this across countless lunches, dinners, and snacks and so on, and it's no wonder stretchy pants come in such large sizes.

Each person should get to know their BMR – aka Basil Metabolic Rate. This is the number of calories consumed by the body, per day, excluding additional activities outside of just existing. A simple calculator found online can give you a general idea.. Just plug in your height, weight, age and gender, and it will give you a decent number. BUT PLEASE REMEMBER, if you know you are 200 pounds but should be 140 pounds, plug in the lower number to get the correct reading. You don't need to be feeding the body weight you want to get rid of!

Find a few BMR calculators online and use them all. The results will be different between them, but the general trend will be a common number for the calories you should ingest per day.

Three – This part sucks because too many people have become too lazy to do it – get a notebook, a mechanical pencil, and learn to read labels and know what you are eating and write it down. As you consume your food throughout the day, you will get closer to consuming the number of calories that is correct for you. You may also find that based upon faulty eating habits that you get to that number a lot faster than you realized, and NOW you know how easy it is to overeat and not even know it.

Funny thing... people who are starting out this way of documenting their daily food intake are generally eating the wrong kinds of foods, such as a lot of high starch, high fat foods that add up quickly.

Now that you know how EASY it is to over eat each day, and how EASY it is to get too much fat and carbohydrate, it is time to learn WHAT to eat and in WHAT QUANTITIES so that some time in the future, you will be able to gage your eating visually and without a food journal.

Four – if you are focused on reducing weight, you will need to know your BMR and eat methodically in order to lose. It is said that you have to take in less than you will consume in order to lose weight. However, if your BMR is 1600 calories a day and you decide to eat 800 calories a day in order to lose weight faster, and you don't know what foods to eat to ensure you are properly nourished, you risk many issues of undereating that will not only work against fat loss, but can also put your health and life at risk. Reducing calories below your BMR if you choose to use this method should be done gently, such as shaving of 100-200 calories a day. And over time, the cumulative effect of this slight reduction can be overall fat loss.

But it is not as simple as that.

If you eat donuts all day to your 1600 BMR, and then reduce your donut intake to 1400 calories, the nature of the KIND OF food you are eating will not matter. Crap food will ALWAYS screw a system like this up.

It is preferable that you actually eat AT your BMR, using the right foods, with the correct daily eating plan. Your body will naturally shed unneeded weight over time in this manner. But if your goal is more steady fat loss, you can then utilize exercise to burn the excess weight, while maintaining the correct calories a day for your body's functions.

If this all sounds interesting to you, do some research!

In a couple weeks we will be launching a new program where we will tailor such a dietary plan for you, around YOUR BMR and unique needs, and set you up for a better long term plan for good nutrition, good support for your body's functions, and a fat loss plan that seems like childs play. Check back with us if you are interested in more information.

I hope you enjoyed the information in this newsletter. Remember, the information you need is at your fingertips. Long term planning instead of immediate gratification is really the key – but we all know that sometimes we want to lose the weight NOW for a wedding, summer, or any manner of reasons. Choices choices!
To your health,

Daniel Riedel, Body Solutions Rx


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