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By: Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN - Article: Summer fast weight loss success | Lose fat

Why is summer the optimal time to focus on health and fast weight loss?

By Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN
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Summer can be the best time to work on fast weight loss with the FAST Diet, or other fast weight loss and diet changes. Not everything needs to be focused on during the winter.
With the sun higher in the sky and a lot of bad weather behind us, the improved mental state that people experience can be a friend in your quest to make major life changes. And in doing THAT, you have a much greater chance of fat loss success.


Most people go into a NEW YEAR with resolutions, or a desire to "prepare" for bikini and swim-suit season. We see it time and time again portrayed in commercials on TV, radio, talk shows and in magazines. Always the same time - Images of models who have apparently lost the body fat and are ripped to shreds, with smiles large than life, ready for vacations and summer fun.

But is that how YOU feel in the middle of the winter?

Winter can be a tough time for many people in regard to motivation for ANY life changes.

Many people are affected by SAD (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder), where the lack of sunlight, cool temperatures, holiday stress and impending tax season, to name a few, lead to emotional changes that can make people feel depressed, "sad", tired, fatigued, and just plain disinterested in many things.

The sudden push after the new year to get to the gym, lose weight and body fat, get into shape, and prepare for summer with an optimum body can also be daunting, especially during the winter when we have the many stresses upon us.

Many people quickly fail at the New Year's resolutions - though many do well with their new commitments.

But why focus on improving one's health and wellness - and fast weight loss - when summer begins?

Yes, summer can mean family get-togethers, Bar-B-Q's, and vacations... and these events can lead to shifting the body BACK into weight gain due to the inundation of the many toxic laden Supplement Ingredients in the foods offered for these many festive events.

But summer is actually the BEST time to get the MOST out of a fast weight loss and personal health program like the FAST diet and other health positive diets. fast weight loss success can be yours!


In the summer, the sun is at its peak and people are outside more. What this means to you is that you have more light, and more of the sun's rays reaching your body leads to improved creation of Vitamin D and other critical elements that can positively affect metabolism. Sunlight also has an uplifting affect on the body, mind AND spirit. This is turn turns OFF the "SAD" condition experienced during the winter and improved motivation, feelings of joy, and improved outlook on life in many people.

With the improved outlook and body chemistry, summer has helped create the optimum environment for responsible fast weight loss and improved health. And you have more reasons to work at trimming the toxin laden fat from your body.

One - the bounty of fresh vegetables and produce available at farmers markets, fairs and outside stores allows you a greater variety of fresh and tasty - and NUTRITIOUS - foods to choose from. These fresh products are higher in nutritional value than those available during the winter, great in antioxidants and vital chemicals necessary for metabolic and reparative functions in the body. If you thought the limited foods used for diets in the winter were bad, try the same foods from those available during the summer and you will be pleasantly surprised at how good you feel!

Two - people are more naturally active during the summer. Better weather and greater options in recreation offer limitless choices in daily exercise. Even if you are pursuing an aggressive fast weight loss program or trying to maintain your lean body, the increased activity of the summer will optimize your body's ability accomplish vital goals necessary for responsible and effective fast weight loss.

These goals are to optimize your metabolism and ability to process fats and use them as fuel.

- The liver is able to function better at metabolizing body fats and toxins.
- With increased movement, the vital LYMPH of the body - which carries toxins OUT of the body - is able to move and flow freely, thus improving the body's ability to eliminate toxins and debris.
- Improved mental and emotional states that come with the summer improve your chances of "sticking to" as fast weight loss and health programs.

And guess what... If you are doing all the things listed during the summer months, not only are you going to be happily pursuing your goals, but other amazing things will happen too.

- You WILL lose weight
- You WILL feel great
- You WILL be able to eat foods at the many parties and events during the summer that you enjoy, and guess what... your body will forgive you and not store it as fat.
- You WILL improve your lean body mass and neurological functions - together these 2 items alone will help you continue to burn more fat as calories and improve your overall health so as summer ends, you will continue to improve your overall health.

Think of the fall and winter coming. Colds, flu, infections, poor emotions states and stress… ALL THESE THINGS can be minimized or eliminated by the steps above practiced DURING the summer... when you are having fun, relaxing more, and feeling great.

With that, we here at Body Solutions Rx wish you the best this summer. We know you will "get it" and continue to work toward the best YOU you can be.

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, CEO
Body Solutions Rx LLC


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