By: Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN - How to Watch Out For High Carbohydrate and High Glycemic Foods and Meals!


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After Aggressive fast weight loss - How to Watch Out For Carbohydrate and High Glycemic Foods and Meals!

By Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN
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Carboohydrates can be naughtly nuggets of nutrition that, while necessary in certain forms and for certain body processes, tend to be consumed at a high rate by people as part of a regular eating plan. On the darker side of high carbohydrate foods is the "gluten" component. MANY people are sensitive to gluten and wheat gluten more specifically... and don't even know it. Best rule of thumb - Learn to keep away from sugars, high carbohydrate and high glycemic foods all together!


Let's say you are done with or in-between rounds of the PRIME FAST diet protocol. Many people ask the question, WHAT'S NEXT?

One of the most important things you can do on a DIETARY angle is to watchhigh carbohydrate intake, especially items made from or that contain WHEAT GLUTEN. Many stores now carry Gluten-FREE items in the form of breads, waffles, mixtures, and even many pre-packaged meals can have the designation GLUTEN FREE on them.

"ALWAYS READ THE LABELS!" and be prepared to spend just a little extra time in the store reading labels - what you will find will surprise you, and when you SEE the hundreds of Supplement Ingredients in ONE PRODUCT, you will understand the necessity to shop the PERIPHERY of the store, buying fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats that you will PREPARE YOURSELF.

In this vein, stay away from the other side of the store containing BREADS and pastries. You can find carbohydrate friendly, GLUTEN FREE options usually in the freezer section or the many new ORGANIC sections of your local store. WHY? Most GLUTEN FREE and carbohydrate-friendy items ALSO tend to be "preservative FREE", which means they are generally stored in a COOL case in the store due to a shorter shelf life.

Rice pastas are a great alternative to pastas made with WHEAT, just cook them a little less to maintain firmness and keep them from getting soggy.

Another popular option is QUINOA. This amazing seed/grain is very low on the glycemic scale, low carb, so it won't spike blood sugar. And, as an added bonus, QUIOA is high in protein, which is vital to building and preserving lean tissue in the body, metabolism, and a host of other essential bodily functions.


Morning and mid-day are the best times to add CARBS to your diet. THEN, when evening rolls around, STICK TO VEGETABLES AND PROTEINS "only" - carbs before bed are a no-no except when you need a little something to help you sleep. When you use this simple trick of getting carbohydrates early in the day and then not eating complex carbs late in the day and with dinner, you will find that very quickly a distended abdomen, bloating, and excessive weight will start to fall off.

Daniel C Riedel: BA, D.Div, SPN, CEO
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