What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

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What is Anti-Aging Medicine?

What is anti-aging medicine?

Anti-aging medicine comprises multiple services that will preserve one's health and prevent disease associated with aging. The mission is to help someone manage the health and life of living cells, while essentially restoring youth and energy. The effect is like turning the clock back to an earlier age, e.g., 30 or 40 years old. A lot of what happens for a client depends on what age and shape they are in at the time they start a program. The mission is to change someone's level of functioning and take them to a higher level of health. All aspects of a person's metabolism, cellular health, fitness, and mental well-being are strategically addressed in this program. Most of the time all these aspects are simultaneously addressed.

What is provided in an anti-aging program?

It is essential that all aspects of a person's chemistry and performance are examined and then directed to reach an optimal level, as designed within the clinic. This requires adequate assessment, determination of all the relevant points in the treatment program, and then carefully drafted clinical procedures. Many different roles are maintained by the clinician. The process has to be checked frequently and then adjusted, according to many variables within the process. The human body is a dynamic entity and all the vital parts of one's system has be checked and monitored throughout the use of the program. The client should feel better, look better, and have better values in their assessments (e.g., blood work).

The treatment areas for a comprehensive program include clinical nutrition (often medical and complex), exercise (especially anaerobic), stress management, and hormone replacement therapy. These areas are addressed simultaneously. In some cases, certain areas are more important than others, but each area has to be addressed.

Counseling a client on a program becomes very important because the process is complicated. Client's often experience information 'overload' and needs occasional review of the essential components of their program. Clients provide journals, help in the assessment process that is necessary along the way, and need motivation to adhere to dietary and exercise assignments. The success of the program is largely based on the extent to which a client complies with the four core areas of the program. Overall, when compliance is at 75% or greater, the success for the client can be immense.

The initial set-up is several hours for me and requires the collection of pertinent data. Medical information & history, medical assessments and sometimes a physical exam, initial interviews, and an understanding of goals are established, prior to any services. If the client is not interested in hormone replacement therapy, dietary and exercise services can begin. If hormone replacement therapy is eminent, a medical release must be secured. After a medical clearance is attained for an applicant, all aspects of medical service can begin. A licensed physician is utilized at all times when any medical condition is observed.

What can I expect from an anti-aging program?

Imagine that you have 30-50% more energy, better mood, sharper mind, more strength and stamina, and a quick fat loss. You will be able to feel like you are back where you used to be, at a younger age. Your libido will rise and you will eventually notice a change in your physique. Lean body mass will quickly accelerate, as well as your skin and hair should improve. Situations typical of aging will be greatly slowed-down. If you have any diseases or medical conditions, e.g., diabetes, hypertension, etc., those conditions will be less threatening and may even be reversed. It is not uncommon to completely reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, obesity, eye problems, sexual disorders, and many others.

The program is dynamic like people. It will be adjusted to fit your situation from time to time. Diet, exercise objectives, hormone levels, and other concerns are adjusted on a regular basis. This helps you optimize your success and maintain your objectives. A follow up visit should occur monthly, in any case.

What will it cost?

All aspects of this program are priced below market value in an effort to bring more candidates into the program. In the past it has been mostly for the affluent. But, having a low overhead and minimal operating expense allows me to offer huge discounts and courtesies. A client should allow between $ 450 and $ 800 a month for an anti-aging program. This is nothing more than many individual's budget for recreation in a month's time. And, health insurance may reimburse you for some of the services in this program. People need to assess their priorities and imagine life at age 60 or 70 and then determine what it is worth to them to prevent all the usual problems of age. The best time to start is in the mid-30's. This is truly a life style and it will change your life forever.


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